Land Clearing

Land clearing is the first step to getting a workable building site. We can perform total land clearing, including removing trees, stumps, debris and underbrush or selective clearing to retain viable trees and natrual barriers. Our expert operators carefully go over the site and prepare it to the construction specifications. Prior to clearing our project manager will walk the site and do a final confirmation of what items will be cleared and what will be left in place.

Site Prep & Grading

Site Preparation and Grading is the second step of the process where we shape and level the earth to prepare the building site for construction. We are experienced in earth work for all types of building projects and will expertly reconfigure and stabilize the topography of the site to your specifications. We use the latest technology to ensure a stable, level foundation for your project.

Excavating & Hauling

Often times it is necessary to excavate areas to provide drainage or irrigation ponds. Our crews are experienced with moving soil to excavate ponds and remove materials no longer needed at the site. We can arrange to dispose of the materials, or relocate to another area where needed to save on costs associated with bringing in fill material.


Removal of structures is often needed to clear property for new construction.  We are capable of removing structures such as buildings, barns, and other site features such as parking lots, driveways, and retaining walls. All debris associated with demolition will be disposed of properly or recycled if possible.

Utility Work

Underground utilities and drainage are often the first phase of the construction process following site work. Our experienced team can manage this process for you so that you have a turn-key site ready for construction.



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